The Reviews

John James Sherlock is a food photographer based in Vancouver B.C., on the beautiful west coast of Canada.  He’s extremely fond of his clients, and they feel the same way about him.  This comes from years of delivering dynamic images both in studio and on location, in an atmosphere that is efficient, calm, and by all accounts, a lot of fun to work in.  For these reasons and more, many of his clients have worked with him for years, not only for consistently great shots but also because of John’s ability to refresh their vision and become involved as a member of the creative marketing team.

“ . . . he is remarkably skilled in all aspects of  . . .  photography with a particular talent for lighting and styling of both food and beverage.  His sense of style shines through in every aspect of his work and his counsel on colour, backgrounds, design and props has been invaluable.”

” . . . West: The Cookbook has been published with more than 100 recipes . . . Ace food photographer John Sherlock will cause you to drop everything and rush out to shop for ingredients.”

Books for national food icons John Bishop, Pino Posteraro of Cioppino’s,  Iron Chef Rob Feenie, Vikram Vij of Vij’s Restaurant, and James Walt of Araxi Restaurant in Whistler B.C. (Gordon Ramsay’s “Best Restaurant in Canada”) have brought accolades from the James Beard foundation and many others.

“I would be quite remiss if I failed to write about food books that DO include visuals . . . sumptuous food photography by the likes of John Sherlock & Quentin Bacon . . . Tasty typesetting and classical page design with exquisite photography.”

He is respected by clients and stylists alike not just for his photographic talents but also for his ability to step out from behind the camera and use his knowledge of food and cooking to be hands-on with the stylist when it is needed. Get in touch to find out for yourself what he can do for you.